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3:30pm Fri UPDATE: RIP Margie… From BOBnw.org –  Margie fought hard to the very end, thanks to all that made it possible to leave this world surrounded by family & friends #teamMargie

9am Thur UPDATE: From BOBnw.org – Thanks to all that helped bring Margie home, her plane has landed back in Sea & she’s resting comfortably at Swedish Hospital #teamMargie

7:45pm Wed UPDATE: The flight is scheduled for 10:30 tonight to leave Hawaii with Margie, arrival tomorrow in Seattle at 7:30 am. Your donations have helped make this happen and will now fully pay for that flight plus the start of a fund for her two daughters and their future. Margie is coming home. xo

3:45pm Wed UPDATE: We’ve reached over $70k collected!! I’ll continue to keep you updated on where we are at. Thank you for all of your donations, tweets, and Facebook posts. You’ve truly made a difference for the Walter family. xo

1:42pm  Wed UPDATE: We’ve reached over $54,000 donated for Margie and her family. The additional donations over our goal of 40k for the plane ride home will be given to Margie’s daughters for their future. This mothers final wish of coming home to Seattle to be with her family has now caused a do-good she didn’t expect… helping her daughters future because of the power of her story and fight AND she’s here to see this happen.

9:47am Wed UPDATE: in just a few hours we’re at 23k of our 40k goal. You are all amazing!!!!!!!

Beautiful mother of 2, Margie Walter has one final wish as she battles her fight with breast cancer… to come home to Seattle and be around her family. I’m teaming up with BOBNW.org to help raise awareness through the power of our online community and help Margie, her husband and daughters get Margie home. 10 days ago Margie & her daughters age 6 & 8 along with her husband Eric went on one last family vacation to Hawaii. In the last few days her condition worsened & they are now stuck in Honolulu unable to fly commercial because she’s too sick for them to let her on. She is trying to get her home so she can pass peacefully around her family and friends. Band of Brothers NW is raising the $40,000 needed to fly the family back to Seattle via Medical Air.

Margie was diagnosed about 2 years ago with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. Her husband has managed to borrow enough money to book the flight this afternoon, so Margie can get home. Band of Brothers NW is still raising money to help them re-pay this cost and get a fund together for the two girls. That means our goal is still $40,000.

Please share this post, or tweet a link to the Band Of Brothers NW website and let’s impact a mother with the power of our online voice.

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Let’s get beautiful Seattle mom home with the power of our online voice: http://bit.ly/SPzjx0 #TeamMargie

Here is Margie’s personal blog about her life experience with breast cancer, leave comments for Margie and her family there.

How I found out about this story:
One of my best friends Erinn called me last night asking a favor. She saw her good friend Margie at Target 2 weeks ago when both of them were shopping for their kids. Erinn’s husband is with BOBNW.org and she’d heard about this mother that was stuck in Hawaii, then her twin sister called telling her it was Margie. Erinn was baffled that someone so young and vibrant she saw just 2 weeks ago was now having her final wish to be back in Seattle around her family to pass away. I went to my facebook page and saw I had several messages waiting there. It turns out Margie’s friends and family are all followers of mine online. I stayed up a little late past my bedtime replying to all of their messages and promised I’d spread the word today. That’s what I’m doing. Cheers to team Margie and helping when we can.

Jenni xo

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