Jenni Hogan is an Emmy award winning journalist, lifestyle futurist and technology entrepreneur. She is passionate about Social TV and inspiring others to embrace the power of social media to impact people in a positive way.

As Chief Media Officer for Tagboard she’s leading their broadcast and media strategy. Hogan joined Tagboard in March 2014 after they acquired her company TVinteract, a company she founded to empower talent to instantly interact with their viewers on live TV.

Huffington Post calls Hogan an innovator in her industry as a “Social TV Visionary” and Forbes declares her a  “Socially Savvy TV Journalist” as one of the most followed local TV personality online in the world. This Shorty Awards finalist (Oscars of Twitter) brings her community along for the journey as she experiments with what’s next in the Social TV space.

The Aussie born Hogan hosts a national podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and MyNorthwest.com called “The Jenni Hogan Show” where she interview CEO’s and thought leaders about the next big thing. The podcast has been ranked as high as the #3 most downloaded podcast nationwide in the “News and Politics” category above Bill Maher and 60 minutes.

Jenni worked in local TV as a anchor for more than 10 years winning an Emmy for her work in Social TV.  She was most recently part of the team that helped grow the morning show to become the #1 most viewed local news show in the nation from 4:30am (Neilsen February 2012). She has created interactive live shows for primetime television with online conversation trending nationally and worldwide along with anchoring a live web streamed show that reached 16 million people.

Jenni enjoys creating campaigns that mix social media and TV, along with a cause. She has helped raise over 100,000 toys for kids for Toys for Tots through her Emmy award winning #MobileTweetup campaign.

Jenni grew up in Australia playing elite sports and ventured to America on an athletic scholarship to row at the University of Washington. This dual NCAA National Champion, thrives of being an athlete in life, but what’s more important to her is being a teammate. As the captain of the rowing team she never won a race by herself, but when her coaches paired her with others she was unstoppable. Jenni loves to win for her teammates and in the working world her teammates are her community that supports her daily… yes that’s you!

In her spare time Jenni can be found:
- Rolling around on the floor like she’s 3 with her toddler
- Encouraging and bragging about her husband’s cooking skills
- Connecting with her friends as much as she can through social media
- Staying up all night to play around on the latest technology

Jenni believes a healthy body makes a healthy mind and thrives off finding sneaky ways to trick herself and others around her into working out, from holding a business meeting at a gym to walking around the lake while mentoring future rockstars. She’s the ultimate fan and believes you can never scream loud enough at a sporting event or be too excited to meet a celebrity you’ve grown up watching on TV or dancing too on the radio.

Thanks for being in her world! She’d love to hear from you. You can catch her on Twitter and Facebook pretty much all the time (a big reason why Forbes labeled her the “Socially Savvy Journalist”).


  1. Karen Williams
    Karen Williams July 4, 2013 at 10:59 pm .

    Jenni. So glad to see you doing so great! I have missed seeing you on the news and it will be wonderful to follow your site. Thank you for all you do. :-)

  2. Jean Kantu
    Jean Kantu December 2, 2013 at 9:46 am .

    Jenni – so glad to find the many things you are doing! Miss you at KIRO Cares, and here at Northwest Center, but keep pushing us to optimize relationships through technology! You’re the BEST :)

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