10 things that suck about turning 40

As I approach turning the big 4-0 (what you’re saying “you look 29”) I want to have some fun with it so came up with this list below. I hope it brings a smile to your face:

10 things I’m realizing suck as I approach turning 40:

1) You’re no longer eligible for 40 under 40 and there is no 50 under 50, so those life goals as you know it are over

2) The domain Im40.com is on sale because what brand wants to advertise to this demo (apparently godaddy doesn’t think anyone) - yes I really did search for this with intentions of buying it ha!

Im40.com domain for sale

3) You spend too much time thinking about if there is a “u” in Forty wait is it Fourty

4) When you get carded and they do the math your happy dance doesn’t make them smile

5) Your intern could be the same age as your 3rd or 4th child

6) Your high school and college friends no longer live in the same city as you so your party consists of people who met you when you had gray hair (that you’ve been trying to hide)

7) Your kid starts crying when you say your age and she says but I don’t want you to die

8) You can no longer divide your age in half and see a 1 at the start

9) You feel pressure to have a mid-life crisis and change careers (but you love your job and career)

10) You remember when your parents were in their 40’s and it seems like yesterday that you bought your dad the funny card about how many candles were on his cake (payback)

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