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Jenni's Gems: Home Decor - Cades And Birch Etsy Store

I'm super excited to share this Jenni's Gem with you all: Meet Lisa, a mom of 4, event planner and owner of an online store for home decor that is functional (and adorable). It's called Cades and Birch and is run by a wonderful entrepreneur, Lisa. Her and her team (check out a pic of her team here) make fabulous personalized hand made gifts and home decor.

Our problem (Hogan Family): We have an area in the kitchen where we throw everything from keys, to mail to odds and ends.

Solution: An adorable mail holder box from Cades and Birch Etsy store with our family name on it 💕. I spoke with Lisa (the owner of Cades and Birch Etsy store) about this area and she immediately had the solution for me. It's a super stylish box that has our last name on it. She can make it with anything you want on it and it's super reasonable. And the price is amazing, this box was only $22!

I'm absolutely in love with our "Hogan" box and while I was on her site I found her "bless you" tissue holder ($19), so added that to the order too. I am not a fan of tissue boxes laying around the house or their designs but now with this box I can't wait to have it up in our bathroom. Waking me up with a smile each day to see the polite words "bless you" and think of Lisa and her team smiling as they make these and dream about building her business. Side note... there is also a "remote box" holder that I was tempted to get and would be a great present for the hubby check that out when you visit her store too. So many great ideas.

Check out her store here. Cheers to supporting entrepreneurs and creativity (that helps add smiles to our lives). Follow Lisa and rave about her and her team on Twitter @CadesandBirch or on Instagram @CadesandBirch.

Here's a quick question and answer with Lisa:

Jenni: Can you tell us all a little about you?

Lisa: I am a mother of four. My husband and I have been blessed with three boys, and were finally able to complete our beautiful family two years ago, when we adopted our daughter from Ukraine. My life is full of people I love and creating beautiful handmade treasures. I believe that it's those little personal touches that make people feel special and I find delight in hunting for the perfect gift for everyone. My favorite part of throwing a party has always been finding those unique personalized accents that make an event unforgettable - and that is how Cades and Birch came to be. Our crafting team makes meaningful keepsakes that are personalized for your events and occasions, distinctive creations you will be proud to display or gift to others.

Jenni: That's great, I'm super curious... what is your dream for this biz?

Lisa: I want to make beautiful products that help us remember all the most important milestones in life. From birth to death and everything in between.

Jenni: My daughter and I would love some ideas for gifts for her grandmothers (and our parents). What are some fun ideas for getting grandparents or your mom as gifts?

Lisa: Here are some of my favorite grandparent gifts for Christmas.

1 This unplug planter can be personalized to say anything. Unplug… because grammee and grandpa want to spend time with you. This is a gift they can keep at their house and when the grandkids come over the phones go in the unplug planter.

2. This sign is a great gift for the grandparents or mom and can be personalized to say whatever you would like. We can make an additional piece if you need room for more grandkids.

3. This planter can be customized to say: We love our Grammee! or whatever you would like. This is a great grandparent gift and is a super popular teacher gift.

Jenni: Thank you so much for answering these questions. How can anyone reading this blog help you right now?

Lisa: I am excited to be able to share our products with other moms. There is nothing like receiving a gift that someone has created especially for you. Receiving something personalized makes the recipient feel special and I love that part of my job. Creating beautiful gifts that people are excited to gift to their loved ones! At Cades and Birch we have so many customizable Christmas gifts.

Jenni: Awesome, and finally what are your social handles and links?

Lisa: We sell on three stores plus we have an instagram.

  1. Amazon Handmade- Amazon’s version of Etsy : link here

  2. CadesandBirch Website: link here

  3. Instagram: link here

Jenni: Anything else you want to say?

Lisa: If you order something that you love on any of the websites, we would so appreciate your feedback! Shop feedback and rating our Cades and Birch products helps us continue to move up on the Amazon and Etsy pages. Products that are new and don’t have reviews often show up on the 10th page of products. The more customers that review our products the easier we are to find for future customers. Thanks for shopping with us and trusting us with your special gift. You will not be disappointed!!!

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