Big Respect For Realtors: Loving This Industry & Learning

I am working on getting my real estate license!! Why? I have a great job, I love my career and I also love our realtor and never want to not use her (she's a big inspiration and role model on why I'm doing this).

But I want to learn, grow, understand everything I can about this industry. I'm obsessed with data, housing market and I spend my free time pretty much glued to Zillow and Redfin. I find it fun to analyze the market, I know every house for sale in our area and always go to bed checking the listings. My husband is an electrician/stay at home dad. We've had several friends who have asked him to property manage their places. As we started looking into it as a potential for something he can do when Cameron starts to go to daycare, we found that you need to be a licensed realtor to run a property management company. He asked if I'd study with him and do it together, wow our bonding time, I could learn something new and study when the kids go to sleep with my husband sitting next to me on the same journey - sign me up! So I'm going through the process of getting my license with him, I love real estate, I love learning, and I want to do something in my me time for me to improve my knowledge (while spending time with my family and encouraging my husband's passion and dreams).

So here I am... I'm studying right now, and I have SO much respect for realtors out there. I'm not that far through the hours, it's been harder than I thought to juggle a full time job, mom, wife and fitting in my passion project late at nights and on weekends in my 2 year olds nap time. I am making progress though and I feel I'm learning so much. I am reading about the honesty and integrity, the way that real estate agents all make decisions daily to better the lives of their clients. Wow, I had no idea how much there is to this and also how these learnings can transfer across different businesses (and I can use these lessons in the marketing I'm doing now too). One word = respect. Everyone buying a house should experience studying to be a realtor and you'd appreciate your realtor even more. I want to let you know I admire and appreciate them for sure and am so excited to graduate at some point near or far in the future. This depends on how many naps my son takes and how late up at night I can keep staying up.

That leads me to this blog. One of the assignments as we study is to write a blog on the platform "ActiveRain" it's a community website for real estate professionals. So I wrote this blog for that site and thought why not post it on my site too.

The first part of the assignment is to "blog your activity" = which I feel I just did above. The second part of the assignment is to choose one of 21 ways to lose a real estate license and write about it....

Here goes part 2 of the assignment: My topic I've chosen is "false advertising". This one seems obvious and I'm sure you'd all agree, just don't do it. Be truthful and factual. As a former journalist and now CMO of a sports tech platform, I'm very passionate about this topic. I've had it pushed into me that you can't show bias or sides, just the facts. You let the viewer, consumers, or in this case the home buyer (or seller) make their own conclusions. Pictures and words all need to be factual (again seems so obvious but wow on learning that some people don't always think this is). I know you'd all agree that you can always tell a great factual story in advertising and it's one with the truth, without bias then ideally educates and informs the reader.

What would or could false advertising look like? As I am studying I'm learning that it could be that the square footage is off, a photo is old and no longer current to what it looks like, or you mention things that aren't quite truthful in your post. One of the examples was that the price is listed as lower than it actually is to get people to call/come and show interest (oh no you didn't!%$!). This can harm a buyer because if they go to look at a property or reach out to you because of something that in the future they'll find out isn't true, then you have wasted their time. They could have compared this ad to another one and made a big decision on excluding a house because the house that they saw in the false ad made that house not economically a good option in comparison. When infact they weren't comparing what's true. It also harms the industry, it loses trust in all realtors, so yeah again just don't do it obviously (and I know you all of your realtors reading this don't but I'm trying to complete my assignment ha).

To summarize, I'm sure none of you reading would ever do false advertising so I feel a little silly blogging about it, but I also am excited to have you read this far so thank you. I'm looking forward to keeping you all updated on my progress and the hubbies (and again I have a long way to go so this may be a long term working on thing). Thanks for taking the time to read this far and next will be what to name the husband's property management company once he (and I) graduate? Feel free to suggest in the comments (although again we are a loooong way off from completing our hours).

Cheers to realtors everywhere and thanks for being so great that it inspired me to want to learn the trade AND cheers to continuous learning.