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Jenni's Gems: The Best Present For Your Wife/Girlfriend Or For Yourself 💕 = @ClutchWomen

I'm super excited to share this Jenni's Gem with you all: Meet Sarah, a wife/friend and sports fan (she also happens to be a top ranked comedian that I love following). She is an entrepreneur too, and has her own line of bags that are AMAZING. Her company is called Clutch Women that's motto is "Stadium Regulation Sized Handbags for Women who are Clutch"

Our problem (when I say "our" I mean me and my ladies): We go to sporting events, get all cute, put our must needed items in our bags then find at security they make us take all our items out OR put our stuff in a clear bag that they can see through.

Solution: A stylish, well made clutch from Sarah, that's also in your team colors = SCORE!!

Cheers to supporting entrepreneurs and creativity (that helps add smiles to our lives). How you can help support her:

1) Ladies AND men go to her site and pick your team (I say men because it's the perfect present that's around $100-$130 for your hard working wife/girlfriend - trust me she'll love on you for this) and support this woman who saw a problem and solved it for all of us (Yay Sarah). I have the Seattle clutch and I'm absolutely in love with it.

Wearing my clutch watching football!

2) Follow Sarah and rave about her and her team on Twitter @ClutchWomen or on Instagram @ClutchWomen

3) Share this story with your friends :)

Here's a quick question and answer with Sarah:

Jenni: How did you get started in this?

Sarah: Once I began attending games regularly (I'm married to a 12 year NFL vet), I grew frustrated with the bag policy. I understand they need to have rules for safety, but I hated carrying a clear bag (I reached my peak frustration on a day I went and had to have my feminine products on full display in a clear bag). But finding a decent "non clear" bag that fit the size allowed was really difficult. There were some quick, cheap options but they'd basically fall apart after one use. That's when I decided to start this line of clutches. They fit the maximum allowable size for a non-clear bag (4.5x6.5), they're stain and water resistant (pretty important during football season!), and made of a nice "vegan leather" that will last for a long time. I wanted them to be nice clutches that you can carry over and over, and as a bonus you can use it for a concert (most stadium concerts implement the same bag policy) or a night out bag. Also, I started making them in team color combos, because people love to rock their team colors. We have options for solid blue or black, for those who'd prefer a bag that isn't necessarily a team color but is the right size and doubles as your night out bag. It was also important to me they're made here in the USA. I decided I wanted to make a statement with them, so each clutch is lined with handwritten notes from me that tell you why you are a "clutch" woman (You're strong, you're independent, you're're clutch).

Jenni: What is your dream for this biz?

Sarah: I'd love to carry every team color combo (for now I have a handful, but also the solid blue or black is meant to be carried for any team- for those teams I don't have yet, or for those who want it to be more multi-use). Since it's self started and invested, I'm growing as I can afford to. I want to be the option of a nice, long lasting purse you can confidently carry into a stadium and breeze through security with!

Jenni: How can anyone reading this blog help you right now?

Sarah: Anyone who attends games or knows someone who attends games can spread the word!

Thanks Sarah for sharing your story. We're so excited to watch your journey, be inspired by you and help you fly!

- Jenni

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