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The Top 5 Areas To Live Year Round In Park City

As I'm getting into Real Estate, I am meeting fabulous families and people who want to live the mountain life year round but be close to the convenience of a major city, with an international airport and easily go to the local ski resort. I've written them emails to explain the different areas of Park City and thought it'd be great information to share with you all. Most of them are looking to be in the amazing school district, a mountain feel, have a rental potential if they need and are looking in the range of 800k to 1.5 million. Here is my summary of the areas that are wonderful for people who want to call Park City home year round.

Top 5 areas to live in Park City year round:

1) Pinebrook - Mountain feel but close to shops, easy to commute to SLC but also easy to get to the ski resorts. House tips: Watch out for freeway noise in some houses, depending on where the house is you can hear the freeway further back is better to get the mountain feel. Driveway sun coverage is an important thing to look for (or are you ok with driveway with no sun, just means longer snow on it vs sun removes snow), check out the hiking system here it's amazing, look for houses close to hiking trails (I love this about this area, some houses the house backs up to the trails others you can walk 2-3 houses away to a trail).

Investment Potential: Monthly rental is ok but short term (nightly not allowed). Popular place to rent for families with great schools and easy commuting to everything.

Pricing: Houses range around 800k-1.5 million in this area depending on size etc. You can go lower closer to the apartments and smaller house. You can also go higher when you're on the top of the mountain.

2) Jeremy Ranch - This is a similar location to Pinebrook but more a neighbor feel, so if you like neighborhood type living (families and kids to play with) this is great. House tips: You can get great views in some houses, golf course feel etc. Again watch for freeway noise, there are hiking/riding trails here too. This is a fun neighborhood feel for trick or treating, kids riding their bikes to school easy from here etc. Less of a mountain feel but you still see mountains.

Investment Potential: It's easy to rent your house here too for longer term because of the family feel.

Pricing: Houses range around 700k -1.5 million in this area depending on size etc.

3) Silver Summit - This is a flat area right near the Kimbell district, easy in and out with great views. It's horse property and you get acreage here. It feels like you're far away.

House tips: You have to be careful on freeway noise here too and look further back from the road (unless you're ok with that).

Investment Potential: This area is going up quick. For investment it's very popular.

Pricing: You can get houses in 800k range (that need work) or up to 2.5+ million

4) Bear Hollow - This is closer to Park City downtown, it is a mix between 2nd homes and people who live here all year round. Closer to the ski resorts and main street.

House tips: The lower area is more a suburb feel houses close together no views and you see in their backyards. Higher up is more elite feel views etc.

Investment potential: Pretty easy to rent these out as you're close to skiing.

Pricing: Houses on the lower area range 800-1.1 million and then houses up higher are around 2-3 million.

5) Summit Park - This is mountain feel and the roads are kept ploughed but they're narrow and windy. You wouldn't have your kids ride their bikes in this area and it feels more mountain if a snow storm but also in great school district. It's closer to SLC (the first location as you come up the hill) but still close to being near Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook.

House tips: Less yards in this area, mountain feel, close to neighbors but also no house looks the same. If you go up high here you really feel in the mountain.

Investment Potential: You can rent your house here, it's further from the ski resorts so wouldn't be the first place people look to rent.

Pricing: Houses here are a little less they'd be 500k to 1 mil or maybe a little higher if the best house in this area.

Other great areas:

Park Meadows - This is a nice area, it's more a suburb type feel and you're much closer to the downtown area of Park City.

Pricing - houses range all over in this area from 800k to 3 mil

Snyderville - This is a great family area, with people mostly living here all year round. It has a very suburb feel, not the mountain view area.

Pricing - houses range are around the 1 million mark here to 1.5 million

If you have more questions on the area please reach out, I'd love to help you live your best life and find what I've found moving to this wonderful area.

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